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Hardly any holiday trip by bike offers so much variety as a biking tour along the Danube.  On the banks of the second-longest river in Europe, both the cultural treasures of important towns and cities and the magnificance of unspoilt nature are just waiting to be discovered.  Culture, nature and the hospitality of those who live near the river turn a holiday trip into a really special holiday experience.

The river landscapes are prepared for holidaymaking cyclists.  There are numerous exhilerating bike trails through the Upper Danube National Park from Donaueschingen to Sigmaringen, for example, or through the romantic Danube valley near Sigmaringen, where the power of this river is felt for the first time.

The Danube becomes international right below Ulm Minster, whose steeple is the highest in the world.  Travelling along fascinating trails far from the flow of the traffic, the cyclist reaches the ancient imperial city of Regensburg via Donauwörth, which was once an imperial free town, and Ingolstadt. The trail weaves its way through the lowland forests of Donaumoos and Donauried - a showcase of different kinds of rare plants - and on through enchanting towns, rich in cultural heritage, such as Neuburg, Dillingen or Lauingen.


The bike trail 'Tour de Baroque' approaches Regensburg from the Altmühl valley and continues down to Passau. This section of the trail takes the visitor to the most beautiful Baroque sights in Eastern Bavaria including Straubing with its famous Gäuboden Museum, and the wonderfully preserved old part of Deggendorf.  All of the bike trails along the German Danube are excellently mapped.  The descriptions of the sections contain lots of information about places of natural beauty and cultural interest - both so abundant along the Danube.

Restaurants and places for overnight accommodation are prepared for the needs of cyclists and hospitality is a matter of course in the lives of those who live close to a nation-connecting river like the Danube.

A holiday biking tour exploring the culture and scenic beauty of the German Danube is relaxing and re-energising for the mind, soul and body.  Why not simply try it out?

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Detailed information, maps and bike tour package arrangements and programmes are available from all the information centres and town halls of the member municipalities and districts along the Danube.  There is a comprehensive range of well-signposted bike trail networks and long-distance bike trails (e.g. Danube-Lake Constance trail).

Note : Bikes can be transported by ship from Kelheim.

We have chosen four bike trail guides that contains lots of maps and useful information for your cycling trip along the Danube:

Danube Bike Trail - from Donaueschingen to Passau

Danube Bike Trail Guide  - from Passau to Vienna

Via Raetica - from Donauwörth to Regensburg

Via Danubia - Bad-Gögging - Regensburg - Straubing - Passau

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