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Danube Bike Trail - from Donaueschingen to Passau


Biking on Roman trails
Via Raetica and Via Danubia

The biking guide is now available in the updated 5th edition and enables the user to enjoy an unrivalled natural landscape of great recreational value along the 609 kms of the Danube from the source to the German-Austrian border.

Included in this edition is a new topic entitled 'Biking on Roman trails'.  For anyone interested in getting to know more about Roman history in our latitudes, or discovering villas, castles and forts, the two theme bike trails 'Via Raetica' and 'Via Danubia' deal with cultural heritage and take the cyclist past historic monuments, museums and significant archeological sites.

The 'Via Raetica' from Donauwörth to Kelheim and the 'Via Danubia' between Bad Gögging and Passau have been included in the map section.  Special biking guides are available for both of these theme bike trails.

For the most part, the bike trails go across level ground and are suitable for families with children and also for short bike trips.

Scale: 1:50,000

Contents: Survey and detailed maps; list of accommodation; places of interest; cycle repair services; detailed route description for the Via Raetica, Via Danubia and the Baroque Tour; useful addresses

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Donau Radwandern
Von Donaueschingen bis Passau
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