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Danube Bike Trail - from Passau to Vienna


Biking along the Danube has a long tradition.  And rightly so!  The feeling you get when you cycle alongside one of Europe's most powerful rivers is something really special, even if yours is only a short section of the Danube's long journey the Black Sea.

No other section is as popular and as well-known to cyclists from all over the world as the almost 330 kms from Passau, the city of three rivers, to the Austrian capital of Vienna.  And rightly so, too!  Towns and cities with hundreds, if not thousands, of years of history, fertile alluvial soil, steep cliff faces running down to the river, powerful castles and charming palaces, impressive wonders of nature, solitary farms and time-honoured abbeys and monasteries: Tiny wonders await the alert traveller around every bend of the leisurely flowing river.

Scale 1:50,000
Contents: Descriptions of the bike trail, places to see, list of accommodation

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Von Passau nach Wien
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