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Swabian Danube Valley

The Danube – Heart of the Swabian Danube Valley

The Danube is the very heart of the Swabian Danube valley. The 2,860 km-long river connects the Black Forest with the Black Sea, weaving its way through a region of about 750 square kilometres between Ulm/Neu-Ulm and Donauwörth in the process.

Region steeped in history and of exceptional natural beauty

Today the Danube and its surroundings are being put to intensive use.  The exceptional beauty of this region, however, has not been lost. Breathtaking lowland forests form a fairytale backdrop for any bike tour.  What used to be large fens, referred to as 'Riede' in Swabia, are today lush meadows full of different kinds of reed vegetation, globeflowers and orchids.

The cultural roots of the Swabian Danube valley go back to Roman times and to the German imperial Staufer dynasty.  At the beginning of the 19th century, the fragmented region was divided up into Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.  Even today, the region's unique cultural heritage bears witness to the eventful development of the region.

Intriguing facts

The Swabian Danube valley can hardly be rivalled for variety. The first-ever handmade sculptures and objects of art were, for example, excavated in the area around Ulm.  The largest Roman temple complex north of the Alps is to be found in this region, too - the Apollo Grannus temple in Lauingen.  The fact that the past and the future converge in the Swabian Danube valley is revealed above all in the biggest crater landscape in the world in Ries: even an Apollo team trained here for a space flight.  The LEGOLAND in Günzburg is a further attraction that is unique in Germany.

The Swabian Danube valley - a leisure-time paradise

If you go biking in the Swabian Danube valley, don't forget to take your bathing suit with you! There are over 700 inviting lakes for swimming, waterskiing or diving in - maybe even in search of sunken cutters! It is of course possible to exchange your bike for a boat and to explore the region from the water; or even to jet through nature on inline skates.  There are so many things to see, both big and small, that are just waiting to be discovered along the way.

Culinary treats – the best of two regions

So much activity can make you feel hungry!  The Swabian Danube valley combines the best of Swabian-Franconian tastes, with a strong emphasis on wine, and the traditional cuisine of Old Bavaria (Upper and Lower Bavaria and the Upper Palatinate) that concentrates on beer. The numerous country restaurants, pubs, beer gardens and farm shops serve delicious regional specialities. There is something for every taste: 'Herrgottsbescheißerle' (pasta squares filled with meat and spinach) or 'Nonnenfürzchen' (choux pastry deep-fried in lard), lamb and venison specialities, snails (escargot) and fish or the classical platter of bread, cold meats and cheese and freshly-made salads.


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