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Environmental institutions


Environmental Education Centres along the German Danube

The Danube is one of the most significant transport corridors in South East Germany and Eastern Europe; the river is a lifeline offering people, animals and plants the space they need. Numerous environmental education centres have opened their doors along the German Danube and the following provide information for visitors (particularly individuals, young families and groups of senior citizens) especially interested in nature and the environment.



There are both landscape-ecological and topical similarities between the individual centres: e.g. the wetlands in the Donauried, Donaumoos and in the area around the mouth of the River Isar, or the 'dry areas' such as the rugged rocks of the Upper Danube and near Weltenburg, the dry slopes of the nature reserve Donauleiten east of Passau, and the 'Brennen' in the floodplain near Ingolstadt.  At the same time, all of these places support sustainable regional development through the work they do. A central task of all of the centres is environmental education for children and young people. Of course, there are also many differences between the centres with regard to the points focussed on, which depend on the special features of the natural landscape.



The environmental education centres in the river valley of the German Danube look forward to your visit. Their qualified staff will be pleased to show you round and take you with them on an exciting exploration trip to the places of natural beauty in their respective region.
The cooperation project 'Bavarian Environmental Education Centres' is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment, Health and Consumer Protection.