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Wandern entlang der Donau

A new package arrangement for luggage-free hiking along the Danube has been put together by several associations and offers hikers - in addition to luggage transfer -  the opportunity to walk through stunning landscapes, enjoy the ambience of towns rich in tradition and take a look at impressive examples of architecture.  The route as a whole covers over 350 km from Donaueschingen to Donauwörth in 16 days but it is of course possible to book individual sections.

The hiking route follows the flow of the Danube, but leaves the river now and then to include other interesting paths, lookout points and locations.  It starts at the source of the Danube and the confluence of the rivers Brigach and Breg in Donaueschingen, crosses the wide flood plain of the Baar and rises to the Witthoh, from where the Hegau laver domes seem almost close enough to touch.  The stretch continues through Tuttlingen into the spectacular Danube Gorge through the Swabian Alb between Fridingen and Sigmaringen.  The valley is flanked on either side by craggy stone cliffs and stacks, often crowned with fortresses, castles and ruins.  The path itself is well off the busy Danube Bike Trail, running much higher and affording magnificent views.This hiking area is of geological and botanical interest but above all, the cultural-geographical aspects are particularly noteworthy.

From Sigmaringen the route continues to enchant as it weaves its way via Scheer, past the early Celtic hillfort Heuneburg and the town of Riedlingen, to Mount Bussen, one of the most popular places of pilgrimage in Upper Swabia.  In Ehingen the hiking route temporarily leaves the Danube valley and reaches the city of Ulm via Blaubeuren and the 'Blautopf', a legendary spring that feeds the river Blau and flows into the Danube at Ulm.

From there on, the hiker will only be able to see the Danube from the distance.  In order to avoid the long drawn-out stretches in the Ries crater and the Danube Bike Trail, the route continues in the direction of Donauwörth along the main hiking path No. 2 of the Swabian Alpine Association.  It passes through strikingly beautiful hiking areas, past Langenau, Giengen and Bissingen until it ultimately reaches the Bavarian town of Donauwörth.

This route is not specifically signposted but the hiker will receive a detailed description of the route, which is about 350 km in total and is divided up into 16 daily stages.  Either the whole of the route or any number of individual stages can be booked for any date. Overnight accommodation, breakfast, hotel reservations, luggage transfer, description of the hiking route and the legally-required risk coverage certificate are all included in the package which costs between EUR 27.50 and EUR 49.00 per day, depending on the hotel booked.