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A riverside holiday can set you dreaming - especially if you are on the River Danube.  Try standing on one of the bridges and letting a leaf floating past you in the water catch your imagination: before you realise, you will find yourself on a fascinating voyage of discovery through numerous countries and cultures all the way to the Black Sea.

The Danube unites so much.  The constant exchange between so many different cultures, religions and visions of life encourages mutual tolerance and understanding.  Ideas and raw materials for craftsmen and artists pass up and down the river, as do the finished goods.  Legends and myths weave their way along the Danube, reflecting the impact the river has had on people throughout time.  The epic poem 'Nibelungenlied', for example, portrays the ferocious period of the Barbarian Invasions and was taken down in writing in the 13th century at the court of the Bishop of Passau.

The Danube writes history.  It tells of stone-age hunters, of Roman rule, of emperors and kings, of castles and of wealthy merchants.  An enchanting panorama stretches out ahead, bundling historical events and turning them into a tangible experience on the river banks.  Holidays on the Danube are exciting, full of variety, vibrant, dreamy and re-energising.  They open up a whole new world.

The Danube is Europe's second-longest river.  It links Central Europe with the countries of Eastern Europe and provides a common transport corridor between towns and cities such as Ulm, Regensburg, Passau, Vienna, Pressburg or Budapest.  Despite many historical attempts, it was only after completion of the Main-Danube Canal, which flows into the Danube near Kelheim, that there has been a continuous trans-European waterway from the North Sea to the Black Sea.  The Danube flows through South Germany from west to east and is within easy reach of many important towns and historically significant places.

Significant tourist-related roads and bike trails cross the course of the river.  One of these is the Romantic Road, which crosses the Danube at Donauw√∂rth.  Further attractive routes near the Danube are the Holiday Route from the Alps to the Baltic Sea, the Upper Swabian Baroque Road, the Hohenzollern Road, the Swabian Highlands Road, the Via Raetica, the Via Danubia and the Road of the Emperors and Kings, which reaches the Danube near Regensburg and continues to Vienna.

Cities and Culture

Throughout history, the River Danube has figured prominently as an enticing meeting-point for artistic development, linking eras and nations and promoting cultural exchange.

Landscapes and Regions

Overview of the active regions along the Danube.

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