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Cities and Culture

Throughout history, the River Danube has figured prominently as an enticing meeting-point for artistic development, linking eras and nations and promoting cultural exchange.  As such, the variety of culturally significant places of interest along the river is immense


. Historical buildings and landmarks still bear witness to architectural styles ranging from Gothic to Renaissance and Baroque.  Traces of history can be seen in the fossils of the Altmühl Valley, the relics of  Stone Age hunters in the Alb or the sacred walled groves of the Celts discovered near Ingolstadt, or in the vestiges of Roman occupation in Straubing and elsewhere.

The German Danube is a river of unsurpassed beauty for holidaymakers who appreciate culture and nature, who enjoy culinary specialities and who seek their adventure-vacation along the route.  Such a holiday is ideal for cyclists and boating enthusiasts who want to adapt the speed of their day to that of the river and spend a little time with the people they meet along the way, enjoying their open-mindedness and hospitality.  And it is also for those who want to treat themselves to all the local culinary specialities.  The German Danube offers you the opportunity to relax and rejuvenise, providing food for body and soul in a way that only a great river can.