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District Tuttlingen / Donaubergland

District of Tuttlingen / Donaubergland

Danube municipalities in the district:
Geisingen, Immendingen, Tuttlingen - including Möhringen and Nendingen, Mühlheim, Fridingen, Irndorf

The Donaubergland offers a striking variety of different landscapes

The Donaubergland is one of the most scenic areas in Baden Württemberg. It is the young Danube and its tributary valleys that have had a decisive influence on theTuttlingen District for millions of years: everything that happens here in the Tuttlingen District takes place on the Danube, in the tributary valleys of the river and in the highlands around the Danube.

The region around Tuttlingen encompasses the south-west foothills of the Swabian Alb with its highest peaks (Lemberg near Gosheim at 1,015 m, Klippeneck and Dreifaltigkeitsberg at nearly 1,000m), parts of Baar, already indicating its proximity to the Black Forest, and the Upper Danube valley.
The Württemberg and Alemanni people, Swabians and the natives of Baden have all lived together in harmony here. In an old description of the Donaubergland was written: The people are " coarse, spirited, a bit mischievous, always on the go and frugal!" Welcome to our region!
We invite you to visit the Donaubergland, to come and get to know our unrivalled natural landscape, our rich cultural landscape and our people.

Places to see:

  • natural phenomenon of the Danube sink between Immendingen and Tuttlingen-Möhringen and also near Fridlingen
  • caves: e.g. Kolbing caves, Mühlheim cliff caves
  • region of the 10 one-thousand-metre peaks (the highest peaks in the Swabian Abl)
  • Klippeneck: Germany's highest glider airfield and the sunniest area in Germany
  • palaces, castles and ruins
  • numerous vantage points and clear views of the Alps
  • rare flora and fauna
  • plateau mountains of the Alb (Hohenkarpfen, Hohenlupfen)
  • Danube gorge near Fridingen

Things to do:

  • 'Honberg-Sommer' festival, Tuttlingen
  • 'Southside' music festival, Neuhausen ob Eck
  • 'Tuttlinger Krähe' Competition (cabaret and similar)
  • Folkmusic Day at the open-air museum in Neuhausen ob Eck
  • Museum festival 'Kirbe' at the open-air museum in Neuhausen ob Eck
  • 'Run and Fun' Danube valley marathon
  • Waggoners' Day at the open-air museum in Neuhausen ob Eck
  • World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen
  • Traditional Swabian-Alemanni Carnival

Open-air museum Neuhausen ob Eck
With its 24 historical buildings, the open-air museum in Neuhausen ob Eck is one of the most beautiful in the country and also one of the most popular places to visit in the region.  Interesting museum with demonstrations, special events, museum festivals and seasonal

Water park and hot springs 'Tuwass'

The scenic beauty and variety of the Donaubergland is perfect for recreation.  Hikers and walkers will find a well-developed network of magnificent, signposted routes through unparalleled countryside - for all ages and however fit you are.

In addition to the regional network of trails, there are also the three main hiking routes through the Swabian Alb (HW1 and HW2 - southern edge and northern edge trails, HW3 - Main-Neckar-Rhine trail) and the 'Black Forest-Jura-Lake Constance' trail through the Donaubergland.


Whether you just like cycling as a leisure activity or you are on a long cycle tour through the region, or even if you have great ambitions as a cyclist - the Donaubergland has something to offer everyone.  In the course of the gentle bends and loops of the Danube valley, between the mighty limestone cliffs of the Swabian Alb, in the juniper heath of the Heuberg or on the peaks of the Baar, an unparalleled natural landscape awaits you with numerous sights and natural landmarks.

Winter sports

75 kms of cross-country ski tracks at an altitude of 800 to 900 metres await cross-country skiers and ski tour enthusiasts on the southwest Alb above the Danube.  Surrounded by the highest peaks of the Swabian Alb, in the region of the 10 one-thousand-metre peaks, and in a dreamlike winter landscape, visitors of all ages will find ample opportunity to enjoy a challenging ski run or go on a leisurely ski tour.  And those who prefer the downhill slopes can find their own favourite one from a choice of over a dozen, all with skilifts.


District Tuttlingen / Donaubergland
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Wohnmobilstellplatz Tuttlingen

Stuttgarter Straße
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Zweirad-Center Nerz

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Rathausstr. 1
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Auto- und Fahrradreparatur Hermann Meister

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Baden Würtemberg Wappen

2. Etappe: Immendingen - Tuttlingen (über Witthoh)

Baden Würtemberg Wappen

3. Etappe: Tuttlingen - Beuron



Außer Ort 10
78532 Tuttlingen
Herwig Klingenstein

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Jugendzeltplatz Jägerhaus
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