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District Alb-Donau-Kreis

Alb-Danube District

Danube municipalities in the district:

Rechtenstein, Obermarchtal, Untermarchtal, Munderkingen, Rottenacker, Ehingen, Öpfingen, Oberdischingen, Erbach. Belonging to the natural Danube valley: Allmendingen, Schelklingen, Blaubeuren, Blaustein.

Two well-known tourist regions join to form the Alb-Danube district:  the Swabian Alb and Upper Swabia. The region north of the Danube is part of  the Swabian Alb, characterised by its striking landscape of caves and special geological features, for which it was awarded the title of 'National Geological Park'. Upper Swabia with its landscape of lakes and rolling hills lies south of the Danube and is particularly well-known as a magnificent area of Baroque culture.  The natural scenery of both regions promises visitors variety and relaxation.  For hiking and biking enthusiasts there are special day trips to the most beautiful towns and places in the district.  There are historical old towns, castle ruins, palaces and abbeys to be visited.  Lovers of archaeology and geology can go on cave tours, something that children, too, are becoming more and more interested in. There are festivals to enjoy, theatres and museums to visit, traditional customs to find out about and the opportunity to get to know the people and the district better.  The scenic highlight of this Danube region is the craggy floodplain valley of the Danube near Blaubeuren, which together with the Blautopf is a great attraction. Likewise, the Große Lautertal, the Wolfstal, the Schmiechtal, and the Lonetal in the north of the district are all stunningly beautiful settings.
Places to see in the district:


The church of St. Maria is well-known for the late Gothic wooden figures on the altars and the 'miraculous Madonna Maria im Löchle', called after the barred choir alcove the picture is kept in. An incomparable  world of birds and plants can be seen at the nature reserve  "Schmiechener See"


Mediaeval town with half-timbered houses. Interesting  monastery with late Gothic high altar and choir stalls. At a depth of 21 m, the Blautopf is one of the deepest springs in Germany. Up to now, 1,400 m of the the Blautopf cave have been explored and it still holds many secrets.


The castles of Klingenstein and Oberherrlingen are both worth a visit. Villa Lindenhof with the Rommel museum is situated in nearby Herrlingen. The recreation area 'Kleines Lautertal' has a lovely fountain. 


Old part of the town with artistic Baroque facades and half-timbered houses. Former hospital 'Spital zum Heiligen Geist' now houses the museum of the town of Ehingen.  In January and February the town is a stronghold of the Swabian-Alemanni carnival.  The Baroque palace of  Mochental in the Kircheber valley houses an art gallery and a broom museum.


The appeal of Erbach Castle (16th century) lies in its double gabled facade and the four squat round towers. In the immediate vicinity of the castle there is the Baroque church of St. Martin. The magnificent interior of the church with its frescoes, stucco ornamentation, high altar and pulpit is well worth a visit.  A recreational area with a lake where swimming is allowed and miniature golf is ideal for a break. 


Small town with striking buildings, church of St. Martin, Lower and Upper Helferhaus, Pfleghof culture centre. The moorlands in Langenau Ried provide a habitat for numerous kinds of animals and plants.


Town on the Danube with a Renaissance fountain, numerous Baroque buildings and lovely half-timbered houses.  In January and February the town is a stronghold of the Swabian-Alemanni carnival.


The centre of the town is characterised by noble buildings from the 16th century, such as the palace-like, carefully renovated 'Spital zum Heiligen Geist'. Closed to Schelklingen the Abbey Urspring with an idyllic scenery.


A picturesque town situated on the rocky banks of the Danube.  There is a lovely view across the Danube valley from the castle ruins and the lookout tower; ghost cave.


The 'Wirtles Haus' museum takes a close look at life around 1900 and village history. At the Heppenäcker lake visitors can go swimming, camp and have barbecues.  


Early Baroque abbey and cathedral. Inside magnificent stucco ornamentation and unparalleled choir stalls.  In the Hall of Mirrors 12 large and 150 small mirrors reflect the colourful frescoes.


Tourist information centre and meeting point for cyclists in the disused, renovated station; the historical limestone kiln bears witness to a craft that used to be widespread in the area: the production of quicklime.


The lower castle is today a setting for numerous cultural events; nature reserve Öpfinger reservoir.


Neo-classical church, well-known as 'Swabia's Pantheon'; former town of residence of  Graf Schenk von Castell. Main street "Herrengasse" with Baroque facades and French architecture style.

Things to do:


Brochure with 26 hiking routes in the Alb-Danube district (10 to 20 kms);  the Swabian Alb Association hiking trails (HW4, HW5); luggage-free hiking along the Danube.


Bike map Alb-Danube district / Ulm (EUR 7.50) mit 14 bike tours and maps 1:75.000, information on the towns and places of interest.


Brochure with 25 caves and 6 springs, overview of archeological museums, opening times, guided tours.

Fun for the family:

Brochure with leisure tips for children and families, water parks, theme parks, museums, caves, pony-riding and lots more.

Theatre / cabaret, etc.:

'Sebastian Sailer Days' in September, comedies and droll plays, music and dance with a Baroque backdrop at the original setting of the Obermarchtal abbey. Theaterei Schloss Erbach in the 400-year-old, mediaeval vaults of Erbach Castle, which can be seen from the distance. The Theaterei Herrlingen is idyllically situated near the Kleine Lauter river and has the charm of an improvised small theatre, offering audiences a close-up experience, in summer performances in a big top. Franciscan abbey Ehingen: concerts, theatre performances, cabaret and many other events take place in the 17th century building.  Pfleghof Langenau offers a varied programme of cabaret, exhibitions, readings and concerts.


District Alb-Donau-Kreis
Schillerstraße 30
89070 Ulm
Telephone: 07 31 / 1 85 12 38


Karlstraße 2
89143 Blaubeuren

Prehistoric Museum and Gallery

Karlstraße 21
89143 Blaubeuren

Fahrrad Käppeler

Karlstraße 52
89143 Blaubeuren


Auf dem Rucken 69
89143 Blaubeuren
Baden Würtemberg Wappen

10. Etappe: Ehingen - Blaubeuren


Fa. Karl Geiger

Hauptstraße 56
89604 Allmendingen


Hauptstraße 16
89604 Allmendingen
Baden Würtemberg Wappen

11. Etappe: Blaubeuren - Ulm


Jürgen Bott

Funkenweg 8
89584 Ehingen-Berkach

Rad und Sport Ersing

Hauptstraße 195
89584 Ehingen


Marktplatz 1
89584 Ehingen

Wohnmobilstellplatz Ehingen

Parkplatz beim Stadion / Volksfestplatz
89584 Ehingen (Donau)

Radgarage Gnann

Biberacher Straße 4
89584 Ehingen

Landmaschinenwerkstatt Braun

Schenkgasse 5
89610 Oberdischingen

Wanderheim Weidacher Hütte

Weller Str. 2
89134 Blaustein

Fa. Ochs Erlenbacher

Straße 8
89155 Erbach

Campingplatz bei der Gaststätte "Hirsch"

Rißtisser Straße 4
89155 Erbach
Baden Würtemberg Wappen

9. Etappe: Munderkingen - Ehingen


Erlenbachstr. 50
89155 Erbach

Radsport Scheck

Am Wall 8
89155 Erbach