Experience the Danube in Germany

600 kilometres in Germany

The Danube in Germany is full of surprises and offers a felicitous holiday experience. You can get to know the Danube actively along the award-winning Danube Cycle Path, or by doing a citiy-trip to e.g. Ulm, Regensburg or Passau. The varied regional culinary offerings at the Danube like a "Radler" (beer+lemonade), "Maultaschen" (meat-filled noodles) in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg, and a "Weissbier" (wheat beer) plus "Weisswurst" (veal sausages) in the state of Bavaria lets you experience a moment of pleasure. The "Young Danube" in Germany is the source of the lifeline Danube, which represents the second-longest river in Europe with its 2857 kilometres from the Black Forest to the Black Sea.