[DETOUR] between Straubing and Vilshofen

Work on expanding the flood protection facilities as part of the Danube expansion project is still in full swing in several places, both in the first section between Straubing and Deggendorf and in the course of early individual measures in the second section between Deggendorf and Vilshofen.

The detour routes will be kept as short as possible and will be as close to the site as possible with as little traffic as possible. Local conditions will always be taken into account and existing routes will be used. They are coordinated in advance with the local authorities, the municipalities and the police and are signposted accordingly.

Driving in the closed areas can lead to dangerous situations with the heavy construction machinery and trucks used and with the excavation pits. The project partners of the Danube expansion ask for your understanding for the detours, but for safety reasons it is not possible to drive through the construction site areas during the construction phases - also on weekends as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

The closed bike path sections as well as the corresponding detour routes can be seen on the attached map.

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