The market community Pfoerring has a culturally rich past with roots that date back to the Mesozoic. Already in prehistoric times, the ideal settlement conditions of our region were recognized and an exceptional cultural region evolved. Pfoerring is inter alia famous for the rider fort “Celeusum” close to the world heritage “Limes”. Many of the church buildings in and around Pfoerring emerged in Roman times and illustrate the importance of the region. Because of Pfoerrings merger with the communities Ettling, Wackerstein, Gaden, Forchheim and Lobsing, the architectural and culturally significant market community of Pfoerring formed.

Pförring - Kirchen am MarktplatzPförring - KleinhäuslermuseumPförring - Römertor Kastell CeleusumPförring - Marktturm


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