0 Danub source region: Route Zero Danube cycle path

Start Donaueschingen

The tour leads along the two headwaters of the Brigach and Breg rivers from Donaueschingen through the scenically beautiful and culturally diverse region. The route crosses the Baar plateau through the Brigach valley to Villingen, where a detour to the historic town center is well worthwhile. The route continues through the Groppertal valley to St. Georgen, past the monastery pond there to the Brigach spring. This is where the challenging part of the tour begins: typical of the region, there are several climbs to conquer over Black Forest heights and technically demanding passages on difficult terrain up to the source of the Breg. The final climb up the Brend rewards the effort with fantastic views of the Black Forest heights and as far as the Swiss Alps. You then descend to Furtwangen. Here you can visit the German Clock Museum. Cycling relaxed downstream through the Bregtal valley, you reach Vöhrenbach, a detour leads to the impressive Linachtalsperre dam. Back on the main route, you cycle to Bräunlingen with its pretty old town and past the Roman bath ruins to Hüfingen. The last highlights are the source of the Danube and the 'Donauursprung' in Donaueschingen, where the two source rivers Brigach and Breg unite to form the young Danube.