10 All around the Donaumoos

Start Leipheim

Starting point of this tour is the city of Leipheim. You will reach Riedheim by cycling on the right side of the Danube and then on quiet streets. Accompanied by avenues and willows, the tour leads through a landscape of broad swamps. Slightly uphill and downhill, it leads through Rammingen to Lindenau. After a ride through the valley and the woods, you have the opportunity to take a right to the caves of „Höhlenstein“. Famous findings like the „Löwenmensch“ (lion man) have made this cave famous. After crossing the Lone, the tour's path leads to the right of the forest until we reach the road and then go right again onto the cycling path to Stetten. A little detour to the Vogelherhöhle cave, where multiple mammoth ivory sculptures were found, is definately worth it. From Stetten the tour goes on on side roads with very little traffic alongside a forest to Niederstotzingen. We then go on through Riedhausen until shortly before Günzburg. By taking a right you will get back to Leipheim alongside the Danube.