11 GluecksRAD-Route

Start Günzburg

Through a charming old town, past sights from 500 years of Austrian history, through city parks with romantic river courses, out into the Swabian Danube valley with its water-rich nature. The varied route of the large "Glücks-RAD-Runde" takes you once around Günzburg and combines cultural and natural enjoyment. There are spectacular views of the historic old town along the way. Many rest areas and refreshment stops along the route invite you to take a break. A special nature experience is the LIFE adventure trail Mooswaldsee with its birdwatching tower. Animal lovers can also take a detour to see the alpacas in the Donaumoos. Back from the excursion into nature, a visit to one of the many ice cream parlors around the market square is a good idea. Over a cappuccino and gelato, you can watch the hustle and bustle in the alleyways and almost feel like you're in "Bella Italia".