12 Via Danubia listening tour

Start Günzburg/Lauingen

The Swabian Danube valley has a lot of nature and culture to offer. Especially the Romans impacted this region with their architecture and lifestyle. The listening tour Via Danubia takes the biker back into the Roman past. Especially guests who like to explore independently will like the Bayerisch-Schwaben Lauschtour-App or the borrowed iPods, because they will get their personal tour guide. Even history grouches will be like it. You can keep an eye out for wild Germanic people as a lookout soldier on a tower or dive into the world of Roman gods. In the 400 years that the Romans were in this region, they left many suprising marks. The tour leads you alongside the Danube through amazing nature, passing by lakes and the beautiful historic Danube towns Lauingen, Gundelfingen and Günzburg. Ride your bike form one listening  point to the next on the famous Roman road „Via Danubia“ and explore the beautiful Danube valley.