13 Geological history Tour

Start Donauwörth

Did a meteor crash change the flow direction of the Danube? Anyone who has ever wondered why the Danube flows from west to east instead of in the direction of the North- and Baltic Sea like other rivers, should not miss this tour. Ride your bike in the Geopark Ries, Europe’s biggest meteor crater, which docks on to the Danube in Donauwörth. 14,5 Million years ago, an asteroid hit the Alb north of the Danube city. It left a huge crater and impacted the direction in which the Danube is flowing because it now had to find a different river bed. Astonishing marks of this cosmic catastrophy make this tour a real event. The tour passes by the Wörnitz which breaks through the Alb here. You will pass the picturesque geotope in Wörnitzstein and reach Harburg with its castle complex. Then the tour takes you thorugh the crate into the medieval city of Nördlingen where you can really dive into the geological history.