15 River history in the Urdonau- and Altmühltal

Start Rennertshofen

Our tour begins in Rennertshofen with its historic market core. With every meter we are getting closer to the Urdonautal in the Naturpark Altmühltal and let the steep cliff walls and small towns pass us by. From Dollstein, the Altmühl will be our steady companion until the Willibalds castle announces the baroque university city Eichstätt. Shortly after Eichstätt, the path goes shlightly uphill to Pfünz and Hofstetten. The Jura farm museum lets us take a look in the past of this region. Through the small towns of Böhmfeld and Gaimersheim, we reach the northern outskirts of Ingolstadt. The last meters in Ingolstadt, we are following the Altmühltal cycle path which is then taken over by the Danube cycle path and leads to the Klenzpark on the Danube. Cyclists who want to make their way back to Neuburg/Rennertshofen by bike should get back on the Danube cycle path. Those who are already a litte tired can take the train back to Neuburg and ride their bikes back to our starting point from there.