2 Donaubikeland Geotour

Start Immendingen

This tour gets its name from more than one geological phenomenon: A river that flows into two oceans, an underground cave system, a special well and volcanic activity. In Immendingen and Möhringen, a majority of the Danube’s water just seeps away in holes. What keeps flowing above ground, will eventually flow into the Black Sea. But the water that disappears and keeps flowing underground, will resurface two or three days later in the Aachquelle in the Hegau. From there, the Danube’s water flows into Lake Constance and then with the Rhine into the North Sea. The view of the volcanoes from the highest point of the bike tour is impressive. The volcanoes stick out like cones. From up close, the Höwenegg is even more surprising. You will be in awe once you are standing in front of the green lake which was created through basalt exploitation. The nature reserve is also one of the most important discovery sites of the primeval horse, which lived there for a couple million years.