5 Fuhrmanns tour picturesque river landscapes

Start Mengen

The landscape is especially influenced by the Danube’s inlets. Water is the accompanying element on this tour, which leads through the valleys of the Ablach, the Andelsbach and the Ostrach. Starting in Mengen, the tour first leads alongsinde the Ablach to the Zielfinger lakes. The “Haus am See” is perfect for a break. There is an amazing view of one of the lakes from the patio. The tour then goes on alongside the lakes through the European bird sanctuary to Krauchenwies. The bird lake is a former quarry pond and is known for it's diversity of species. After leaving the Ablach valley, the tour goes slightly uphill and leads through Hausen and Zell on the Andelsbach until shortly before Kalkreute. Once the top is reached, the tour stays flat until right before Ostrach where it goes downhill into the valley of the Ostrach. The path goes on through Jettkofen and Einhart to Granheim. Behind Granheim it goes uphill again for a little while and leads over the Missionsberg back to Mengen.