7 Danube-Bussen-Loop

Start Munderkingen

Start is in Munderkingen. From there the tour takes us alongside the Danube through meadows to Ehingen-Berg. Then it goes on to Oberstadion. The picturesque church and the manger museum are ideal for a break. Afterwards it goes up the Bussen mountain. This mountain is very popular on the Alb. On the top there is another church which is perfect for the next stop. If you are lucky, you will get to enjoy a beautiful alpine panorama. There is also a well preserved castle that can be visited. Then the tour goes on to Unlingen where you will be able to catch a great view of the Bussen and its church. In Marchtal the baroque monestary with two towers awaits. Then we follow the Danube to Rechtenstein over a hill to Lauterach. How about a detour to the biospehere information center? Afterwards we take the danube cycle path back to Munderkingen.