8 Valley rides Blaubeuren and up on the Alb

Start Blaubeuren

The ride through the valleys provides great landscapes. It begins in Blaubeuren, the city of the famous Blautopf in the valley Urdonautal. First you will cycle through the Blautal valley until you reach Blaustein and then ride into the Kleine Lautertal valley. The valley with pittoresque charme leads along a small river until you reach the spring in Lautern. This is a great opportunity for a small break until it goes uphill to Berghülen, Laichingen and Heroldstatt. You will pass two great caves on the Alb, the Tiefenhöhle Laichingen and the Sontheimer cave. After this impressive stop you will cyle downhill thorugh the canyon-like Tiefental valley and all of your stuggles will be rewarded with a long descent. Through the Achtal valley, you will pass the „Geißenklösterle“ cave which is part of the world heritage and get back to Blaubeuren. Here you will have the opportunity to visit the famous Blautopf spring, the beautiful historic part of town and the monestary. In the Urgeschichtlichen (ancestral) museum you can see the legendary venus, which is art from the ice ages. This tour lies on a secondary route of the Danube cycle path which leads through Blaubeuren and the Urdonautal valley.