9 Napoleon Round

Start Elchingen-Thalfingen

The curch Pfarr- und Wallfahrtskirche St. Peter and Paul in Oberelchingen lies far above the valley of the Danube. Emperor Napoleon has also been here. Although his visit wasn’t a peaceful one. His troops triumphed over the Austrian army in the historic battle of Elchingen on October 14th 1805, around the monestary of the Benedikter. This was the beginning of the end oft he Roman Empire. In the idyllic garden of the monestary, there is a great and far view over the green Danube valley up to the Ulmer Minster. From Thalfingen it goes uphill to the Oberelchinger monestary. In Unterelchingen we can go swimming in the Schützen lake. Next stop is the art museum Oberfahlheim in which the district of Neu-Ulm presents contemporary, regional art. We pass through Straß, Steinheim and Finningen and can take another break to go swimming at the Ludwigsfelder lake. We pass the Wiley neighborhood with its popular outdoor fitness parcour and cross the Danube over the Gänstor bridge. Through the Friedrichsau park, alongside the Danube, we get back to our starting point.