Donaueschingen - Ulm

Stage 1

The first section leads through beautiful landscapes. The Danube at first is a

small curvy river. At Geisingen the valley gets more narrow and the meander get more and more impressive. High lime rocks with romantic crests beautify the valley. The seepage of the Danube between Immendingen and Möhringen is a special natural spectacle of the young Danube. The Danube then follows the southern border of the Swabian Alb and passes many castles and monasteries. Especially impressive is the castle Wildenstein and Sigmaringen but also the the monasteries Beuron and Obermarchtal.

The route is predominantly flat; the path is prevailingly paved. Only in the narrow Danube valley you have to deal with some uphill cycling and gravel roads. Beyond Sigmaringen the Danube gets wider. In Ehingen you have the option to take an alternative route through the Blautal. This route offers the possibility to explore the ‘caves and artworks from the ice age’, awarded as UNESCO World Heritage site. Ulm offers a worthy end of the stage with its’ gorgeous old town.

Donaueschingen - Breg und Briegach Aue Radweg 2