Regensburg - Passau

Stage 4

In Regensburg the direction of the Danube takes a turn because of hard rocks in the north. The fertile Gäuboden area to the right and the Bavarian forest to the left escort the Danube to the south. The river is now heavily used by ships. On your journey you can make a stop in Straubing, which is known as the heart of the Gäuboden since the Roman age. With generous meander the river flows trough the plain countryside until it reaches Deggendorf, the gate to the Bavarian forest. At the end of the Danube bike path Passau, ‘the Venice of the north’, waits for you to arrive. This city has a lot to offer like a catholic university, a beautiful town hall, the baroque old town and much more.

Most of the time the roads and cycle tracks are run by the cities of Regensburg and Passau. Only a few times you need to leave the calm sections.