Ulm - Ingolstadt

Stage 2

The second section leads trough the ‘divided’ city of Ulm to the federal state of Bavaria which will guide you to Passau. Ingolstadt marks the end of this stage. In Donauried you’ll find natural lakes and wetlands, where you can find various types of plants and animals. The old residence cities along the Danube offer historical sights. In cities like Günzburg, Dillingen or Höchstädt you can admire the gorgeous baroque and renaissance buildings. The bike path doesn’t always lead directly trough the historical cities, but a small detour often makes sense. The section between the old trading city of Donauwörth and Neuburg is influenced by the Franconian Alb, which extends to the banks of the Danube. A varied up and down section finally leads to the city of Neuburg, which welcomes you with its’ impressive castle and the romantic city view.

The section of the bike path includes calm roads but also unpaved parts through fields and forests. Generally, there are few kilometers with heavy traffic or strong gradients.

Günzburg - Günztal Radweg 1