The timbered city at the Danube is looking forward to your visit. The old city of Mengen offers warm hospitality and is conveniently situated between Alb and Lake Constance, Ulm and the Black Forest. Mengen is also a station at Europe’s most famous long-distance cycle track. That’s why the hotels of the city are perfectly prepared for cyclists. For tourists, Mengen is the ideal starting point for hiking, biking, climbing, fishing and canoe trips at the Alb or the Danube Valley. The Zielfinger lake is a paradise for water-lovers in the whole region. Celts, Romans and knights: The history of Mengen is centuries old. Since the dark age, Mengen was a location for carters along the Danube trading route. That can be seen by the many timbered houses and nobility residences in the centre of the city. Enjoy the small cafes and restaurants with delicious cuisine. Furthermore, Mengen has to offer all kinds of shopping facilities you could wish for.

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Stadtverwaltung Mengen
Hauptstraße 90
88512 Mengen
Tel.: +49 7572 607-0
Tel2.: +49 7572 607-106
Fax: +49 7572 607-770

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